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Authenticity Alert:

We have getting customers writing to us in regards to the good fabric quality of our magic scarf comparing to the other "look-alike" out there. Our magic scarves are GENUINE and THE ORIGINAL magic scarf from reputable knitting company in Taiwan. All of our scarves are made to the highest standard of quality to ensure fluffiness, stretchability, softness and durability. Each of our scarf goes through a thorough quality check and certified with a warranty card to ensure our customer satisfaction. So if you're not satisfy with the quality of our scarf, we'll give you your money back! We're really confident about the quality of our product and that's why we can make you this promise that no other sellers can.  All products are shipped from Los Angeles CA, USA.  

What is Magic Scarf?    [aka Mymagicscarf]

My Magic Scarf is an ALL-IN-ONE scarf, that can magically change to an infinity scarf, a dress, a hat, a skirt, a shawl, a vest, a cape, a gown, a hood, a halter. It is a whole NEW innovative way of wearing a scarf! The versatility of the scarf makes it a great accessory for travel and for unpredictable weather. If you're not sure what to wear, just grab a magic scarf! The creativity definitely doesn't stop at our shop, use your creative thoughts and discover it for yourself. It is simple and fun! The material is ultra-soft, fluffy and, most importantly, extremely comfortable. Magic Scarf is gaining popularity all over Asia including Korea, Singapore and Taiwan!


How many sizes do you have?

We have 2 sizes, REGULAR and LARGE (double the size). Large magic scarves are more fabric, more durable, more stretchable and warmer because more amount of fabric is used. Stripe magic scarves are only available in REGULAR size.


How many styles can you do?

There are about 10-15 different ways of wearing the magic scarves including infinity scarf but it definitely isn't limited to the ways we show you here on the website, it really just depends on how createtive you get with it. Share it with us if you do find a new style with it!


What is the fabric?

Magic Scarf is made from 100% Nylon. This delicate fabric is durable, stretchable, easy to clean and very light to carry around and can be easily transform to the style as you desire.

Length: Normal 170cm, max stretchable 210cm 
Width: Normal 10cm, max stretchable 85cm


How do I clean my Magic Scarf?

To maintain the softness and fluffiness of the scarves, hand wash in a basin of tap water with mild detergent will be recommended. Rinse, then press water out; do NOT wring. Place on countertop to air dry. When scarf is dry, hold it in the middle and shake it to fluff it out. Try washing it with COLD water only. 

Important: As these scarves are delicate, please do not bleach or industrial detergent and do not put it in a dryer. Washing machine with delicate fabric mode and/or with a laundry bag is acceptable. Please wash it with caution in order to ensure the scarves can retain its fuffliness. 


Tips on maintaining your scarf:

1) Shake it 3 times before use to maintain the elasticity of the scarf

2) Hand-wash

3) Do not dry wash

4) Do not pull the fibers of the scarf

5) Be careful of zips, rings or anything that will hook your scarf

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